VDEG.4 Addendum:  Expedition photo gear

ISBN 978-0-9575385-3-5 16pp, A4, full colour throughout

' ... we're not talking about casual snaps for Facebook here.'  Photography's a funny thing. As it says on the back cover: 'Pitching an addendum like this at the right level between 'Lordy, I didn't know that!' and 'Good grief, what do you take me for?!'  is not easy. Most people know everything (or think they do), a lot know what they know, fewer know what they don't know and the rest of us rely on a readiness to learn ... ' . Hence the subtitle: 'An overview for tentative photographers' . Aspects seldom covered by the magazines; and some straight talk.

Such is the pace of technological advance that no attempt is made here to tell you what to buy. Instead, the clever features of some of today's cameras and gear are highlighted so you know what developments to look for when you do buy. Note the word: 'Cameras' – not smartphones, GoPros, videos or drones; the focus is on 'cameras' and accessories.

Topics covered: viewfinder technology, auto-focus systems and selectivity, lenses, fields of view, fisheye vs rectilinear, MTF curves, image stabilization, tripods, bean-bags, monopods, shooting RAW and processing, filters, grads, black and white conversion, cards, storage.

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