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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, Edn 5 .... ISBN 978-0-9575385-8-0 (VDEG.v5)
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Originally commissioned by Land Rover and, like Four-by-four Driving, part of Special Forces training material in the UK and US, VDEG has sold in 57 countries worldwide. This edition, the seventh iteration, first planned as a straight reprint, now has major updates to several Sections including: Shipping, Electrical power, Navigation, and Emergencies and is in an 11% larger format for improved legibility. Author Tom Sheppard has over 100,000 miles overlanding and expeditioning under his belt. Contributor Jonathan Hanson, hugely outdoor experienced and originator of the three-day US Overland Expo gatherings on Arizona and North Carolina, has also contributed first-hand user knowledge of Australian and US equipments. For quicker delivery and reduced shipping costs, customers in north and south America can buy from a US distribution point in Arizona. (See ‘Buy now’).

"... the ultimate planning guide."

"... for an overland trip, the only book you will need to buy."

"... as a resource, VDEG is indispensable"

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Four-by-four Driving, Edn 6
ISBN 978-0-9575385-6-6 (4x4.v6)
Price: £33.00
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4x4.v6 shares VDEG's origins, users and markets, including Special Forces training material in the UK and US and has sold worldwide. It sidelines brochure bloat and bling to concentrate on what matters in fourby-four operation on- and off-road: the driveline, ergonomics, weights and dimensions. If you swoon over pop-out door handles, multi-icon touch-screens, leather seats, 22-inch wheels and 500w audio this may not be your book. But there is detailed guidance on what the 4x4 buyer should look for, depending on usage. A snapshot of current 4x4 drivelines and off-road criteria is given from Bentley to the refreshing new Jimny and 2020 Land Rover Defender. Full coverage of off-road techniques, recovery and towing dynamics plus a 35-page Expedition Basics section provides a compact overview for adventurers.

"... I’ve yet to find a book in any language that has this no-nonsense, deeply competent approach to the topic.."

German buyer

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Quiet for a Tuesday
ISBN 978-0-9532324-5-1 (QFAT)
Price: £20.00
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Solo in the remote Algerian Sahara. A 4x4 odyssey. The Sahara. Breathtaking, beautiful, majestic, frightening, funny. Sheppard records the tension of his 16th visit to Algeria’s vast wilderness. Maps confiscated at an early stage, with imprinted memory of his planned route between dune fields, rocky ranges and peaks, he stuck to his plan – which turned out to be off-tracks between points of habitation for 700 miles. Interludes from earlier and later expeditions add spice to the tale. Told with wry humour, a passion for the desert and achingly beautifuil photographs.

"... Inspiring. A wonderful job of capturing the magic."

"... photographs achingly evoke the spacious grandeur of the Sahara ..."

"... pulling no punches ... also a superb primer for serious 4x4 expeditions"

"... told tongue-in-cheek with great attention to technical detail ..."

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The Nobility of Wilderness
ISBN 978-0-9532324-6-8 (TNOW)
Price: £35.00
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The pristine majesty and scale of the Sahara's little-known landscapes unveiled - with a plea for their protection. No mere picture book, a personal journey told through superb photography and ultra sharp Italian stochastic printing. A long-overdue hymn to the inspirational majesty and tranquility of a region ill-served by the miniscule attention span of Anglophone media.

"... wonderful book ... inspiration for my trip."

"... looking at those incredible pictures in
awe and wonder"

"... a great book ... breathtaking ... amazing pictures …"

"photography spectacular ..."

"... stunningly beautiful, ... superb ..."

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