Desert Winds

The Nobility of Wilderness – Travels in Algeria

    ISBN 978-0-9532324-6-8 240pp, 201 x 258mm, 350 colour images, super-fine
      stochastic printing. Bound in 12pp sections to ensure lie-flat for the double-page
        spreads. Jacketed hardback.

Author: Tom Sheppard. MBE

page shot
Despite its size – bigger than western Europe – and proximity to the European community, Algeria – awakening in 2019 from a 20-year political paralysis – remains a kittle-known country, seldom getting coverage in western media. The majesty of its breathtaking Sahara landscapes is known to few. But despite the decade-long extremist-based security situation, author Sheppard, who has been visiting Algeria since 1961, has made six long-range, solo expeditions to remote uninhabited areas in the last eight years. No mere
picture-book, the
volume is a personal
portfolio and record backing
the author’s passionate
plea for a Protected Area
that he calls, not a ‘National
Park’ with its prissy
overtones of fenced-in
plots, but an espace des
– Space of

A book to make all who
read it stop and think.

‘Tom Sheppard, doyen of the desert.’ ... Michael Palin