ITDS – It’s The Driveline, Stupid! Not as memorable an acronym as KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), but it serves as a reminder of the main reason for picking up this book. Forget the tarty wheels and their ridiculous watch-strap tyres, the back seat video, the gold-plated iPad dock and the warmed water-bed for the sinister Weimaraner dog – the most important part of what you are buying, or have bought, is the driveline. By-pass the fancy ® and ™ items and three-letter acronyms cluttering up the brochure. Ask about the driveline; know about it, be sure of what it does for where – and the way – you’ll be driving. It’s why you’re buying a 4x4.

How to buy: The questions. What to ask:

Four-by-four driving, 6th edn      ISBN 978-0-957585-6-6 Author: Tom Sheppard