Four-by-four driving, 6th edn     ISBN 978-0-957585-6-6 Author: Tom Sheppard

… outside of the turn and the trailer, in hot pursuit, can provoke a rollover. The practical application of this information?
Take corners slowly.

The compromise
Moderation in all things. In concept, therefore, we have a conflict. The weave-damping case demands a forward CG (centre of gravity). And the steady-state turn is sensitive to a too-far-forward CG. Whilst all stability problems are more critical with a high trailer weight, your particular combination of variables and cornering methods will dictate your choice of CG position. On most of the initial computer runs a CG about 10-20cm ahead of the axle gave the best margin of stability. There are also, as we shall see, other practical factors limiting the CG position such as keeping a moderate trailer nose-load on the tug’s towing hitch.