Review. RM, Canada:
‘As expected, the photos are absolutely breathtaking and tremendously inspiring. ... a wonderful job of capturing the magic of a desert landscape – and ... the quality of printing really made it come through.’

Review. SW. LRO Magazine, UK. Dec 2008
‘... filled with humour, drama and beauty, ... Very much a tale of adventure – all the better for being true. ... understated and lyrically descriptive, using words like the tip of a watercolour brush to outline natural beauty, but pulling no punches ... . It is also a superb primer for the nuts and bolts of “serious” expedition 4x4 use – when to lock diffs, when to deflate tyres (which type, and by how much), what to pack and how to pack it, campcraft, navigation, photography – the list goes on. .. Thought-provoking, inspiring, illustrated with wonderful photographs that achingly evoke the colours, freedom and spacious grandeur of the Sahara. ... Absorbing, uplifting, recommended reading.’

Review. DG, ‘Pointed Three’ forum, USA:
‘... Mr Sheppard's writing style is engaging and practical, with a turn of phrase that ... draws you into the narrative in a thousand intangible ways beyond the words and pictures themselves. ... , as if it's told only this once, just for you.
‘.. His description of getting stuck in soft sand just before twilight and all that it entails is just immaculate writing.’

Review. J, Vancouver:
‘... the quality of the books and the pictures. ... Such a wealth of knowledge and experience. I’m not at all surprised that pre-owned copies of your books go for astronomical prices.’

Review. SW, RGS, UK:
‘... a magnificent production and the images are totally stunning’

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