Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide .... Edn 4.1a

ISBN 978-0-9575385-7-3

1/6 : Planning, fuel
Extract - 1/6
How far can you go? Have you got the range? Where are the re-supply points? How much fuel do you need? How can you carry it? Extra fuel tanks or jerry cans ... where? Or a trailer? No, not on the roof. What’s the fuel like? Diesel probably best - especially if you’re cooking on the tailgate. Will local diesel screw up the DPF/catalytic converter? Stop short of the GVW. Water and food for how many days? With what reserves? How much payload does that leave? How about shipping? Send it by container? Can we travel on board the ship with the wagon? Put it on a dhow? Customs carnet-de-passage needed?