Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide .... Edn 4.1a

ISBN 978-0-9575385-7-3

3/6 : Vehicle modifications
Extract - 3/6
One-wheel jacking tool enables insertion of recovery planks. On diesel-fuelled wagon al-fresco kitchen on tailgate is a natural with clip-on tent-fabric wind/rain shield. In-cab ‘dining table’ gives a ‘balanced diet’! Reflective window film also deters potential break-ins. Magnetic LED cab/cooking lights re-charge enroute or with handy solar panel when in prolonged camp. Satellite phone solid-gold safety standby to explain your out-there needs. Choose carefully: world-coverage, clear, daylight-visible display is vital. Long range, solo, clear the decks for lidded,storage, fuel cans and cargo. Moths home-in from miles away at night; slip-over anti-bug nets are invaluable.
Slope or dune- edge very hard to see on virgin dunes with high sun. Mirrored sun-spot gives advance warning.