Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide .... Edn 4.1a

ISBN 978-0-9575385-7-3

5/6 : Recovery, navigation
Extract - 5/6
Lost traction/flotation: use grippy load-spreaders. Jack the wheel (Extract 3/6) to insert if need be. Linked industrial stair treads, alloy ladders, a marshalled tandem tow or multi-man-power. DONT try snatch towing. Broken-cable fly-back, often with the tow hook, can kill. Use GoogleEarth prints of critical map areas. Take paper maps for place names and wider picture. Buttons not touchscrens on GPS best. On foot or wagon, Garmin 276 is removable. Sun-compass still useful. Recall astro: classic nav fixes.
Snatch-towing.? No. LETHAL !