Desert Winds

Quiet, for a Tuesday

ISBN 978-0-9532324-5-1. 248pp, 246 x 189mm. 223 colour
photographs, super-fine stochastic printing. Jacketed hardback.

Author: Tom Sheppard. MBE

A solo, off-tracks Sahara expedition where the author faced ... unusual problems: his maps and satellite images were confiscated in mid-Sahara. But he went on to complete a complex, demanding and, at times, hazardous 700-mile off-piste route to visit and photograph the extraordinary landscapes he was determined to see. A carefully calculated risk, not reckless buccaneering, executed with considerable care. With one or two nasty surprises.

Told tongue-in-cheek – with humour, a passion for the desert, a boundless sense of wonder, a love of nature, technical detail – and accompanied by achingly beautiful pictures of Algeria's pristine Sahara. The story finishes with some sharp opinion and proposals for a Protected Area in the Sahara – with signs of a light at the end of the tunnel.

The design and production values of this book are exceptional – minutely-integrated text-and-picture placing and high-definition stochastic print. As Sheppard says, ‘Not many in our ‘Unh?-wha’?-nah!’ society will even notice it .. ‘, but the perceptive few who know books will permit themselves a nod and a slow warm smile.

‘Tom Sheppard, doyen of the desert.’ ... Michael Palin